laptop vs desktop for programming

Laptop vs Desktop for programming

Before buying a new computer, you want to know about Laptop vs Desktop for programming. Which one you should buy? There are several differences between a desktop computer and a laptop. These differences are crucial for programming. One obvious advantage of a laptop over a desktop is portability.

A laptop lets you move around the house, change your position, or change the scenery while working. A desktop is more confined to one location. Nowadays, most laptops are just as powerful as desktops.

Know your purpose

Programming languages

If your goal is to do Web Development, and edit documents, you can purchase low specs laptop or desktop. If you do Android development(Minimum 8GB RAM), Game development, or higher computation tasks like machine learning, you need to get high specs PC.

Laptop vs Desktop for programming. Which one should I choose?

After you find your purpose and hardware requirements for programming, you need to decide your preferences.

Display size: The major difference between a laptop and a desktop is the screen size. As a programmer, you’ll be using the display to view code and navigate the environment. If possible, get a laptop with a larger display. Smaller displays have smaller user interface elements, resulting in increased eye strain. You may also find your programming experience less efficient if the screen is too small.

However, smaller screens are less comfortable and tend to give you more eye strain. A desktop has the advantage when it comes to a bigger screen and high processing power.

Portability: A laptop is more portable than a desktop. If you plan to do a lot of programming and do frequent traveling, a laptop is best for you. A laptop is more convenient if you are always on the go, and a desktop is better for those who like to stay at home. A good laptop is the best option if you want portability and power.

Affordability: A desktop computer is more affordable than a Laptop. If you don't code much or travel, a desktop PC is the best option.


If you are on a budget and don't code while travelling, you can also save money by buying a cheap desktop. If you are a student, laptop might be a essential for you because you need too submit your assignments, and also may need to carry to the school.


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