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How to know if someone is hacking your phone (7 steps)

Getting hacked by someone is scary, but you can easily prevent it from being hacked.

When your phone gets hacked, your device might behave abnormally. While using applications on your phone, your phone may perform slower, and the battery might drain quickly.

A simple solution to prevent being hacked is to uninstall the unnecessary applications from your phone. If you need those applications, only allow the necessary permissions that are required.

Follow the below steps to know if someone is hacking your phone and preventive measures.

Step 1: Check your installed applications

Go through all the installed apps on your phone. Uninstall the unnecessary applications that you think are not important.

Spyware and Keyloggers applications prefer to hide from the launcher. You can still find them by going to your applications list from settings.

Step 2: Check apps permissions

Check if the app has too many permissions or camera, file read permission, and read contact permission.

Remove the permissions from the app if found.

Step 3: Check accessibility service applications

These applications help to guide disabled people. Application having accessibility service can read screen, monitor keystrokes, etc. Keylogger applications use this permission to monitor the text and chats of the victim.

Remove such applications from your device or turn off the accessibility service for the app.

Step 4: Check for phishing links

Phishing is a common technique to steal credentials. A hacker sends the link to a fake website and asks for the details such as email and password for login.

If someone sends you those links, consider not clicking them or entering any sensitive details.

Step 5: Check the download source

If you install applications outside of Playstore, check if the site is trusted or not.

Many fake websites often pack malware with the applications. Think twice before downloading or installing from unknown sources.

Step 5: Check applications running in the background

Spyware and malware run in the background continuously consuming more battery than under normal conditions.

Check for the applications running in the background from settings.

Step 6: Check your data usage

Spyware and Malware consume more data usage because of sending data continuously to the server. If your phone data usage is increased by too much, check the application's data usage.

Step 7: Install Antivirus software

Antivirus software for mobile phones is usually not required for technical users. However, Antivirus software such as Avast, and Kaspersky is a good solution for non-technical people. It saves the victim from Phishing and malware attempts.


There are various ways to know if someone is hacking your phone. Increased data usage and the poor performance of a device are some of the symptoms of getting hacked.

You can easily protect yourself from hackers by following the above steps. You can install the Antivirus software to add an extra layer of security.

Remember, you should not connect to a random WiFi network. Don't click on the link which you think is unusual and enter any sensitive information.


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