Best WiFi Thief Detector apps for Android

So you are searching for the best WiFi thief detector apps to find who uses your WiFi. These apps help you monitor all the connected devices on your WiFi. These apps are powerful enough to see the MAC Addresses of connected devices.

Below listed apps are easy to use with powerful features. You don't need any technical knowledge to use these apps.

1. WiFi Thief Detector

WiFi Thief Detector is a super lightweight easy-to-use application. In this application, you can set your own device name for connected devices. This application is different from other WiFi Thief detector apps. You can see the number of currently connected devices in the notification.

You don't need to install any other application to check your internet speed. Internet Speed Meter and Speed Test tools are available by default in WiFi Thief Detector. You can download this app from PlayStore.

2. Network Scanner

Network Scanner app is a collection of network tools to scan your home network. This app has an incredible Traceroute feature that other WiFi Thief Detector apps usually lack. This app includes powerful features such as:

  • LAN Scanner
  • Port Scanner
  • Ping Tools
  • Traceroute
  • IP Lookup

3. Fing

Fing is another helpful network scanner app available for Android and desktops. This application helps you to run network and IP analysis, device recognition, and security checks.

You need to subscribe monthly or yearly package for accessing all the features. Download Fing from Play Store.

Which WiFi Thief Detector app is good for me?

You can try all these applications and see which one fits you. Both WiFi Thief Detector and Network Scanner are lightweight and come free of cost with access to all the features. Fing application has much more features available but it comes with the subscription model.


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