7 ASO tips to rank your apps on Google Play Store

You have made an awesome app, but it's not ranking on Google Play Store? Don't worry I will share awesome 7 tips to rank your apps on Google Play Store. Even if your app is new, and your competitor has 5 Million above downloads, you can still rank your app on top of the Google Play Store.

The keyword is a very important factor for ranking your app on Google Play Store. You can think of a keyword as a search term that general people will use to find apps on the Play Store. If another app is featured on a certain keyword that you want your app to rank for, you can replace a competitor's app if you make proper use of keywords.

1. App icon

Your app icon and the colors used should be different than of your competitors. This will make people catch their attention faster on your app.

2. Use keywords in your app title

Find the search term that you think people might search for finding similar apps to yours. You can use keywords in your app title after your app name. For example, WiFi Thief Detector - Who uses my WiFi. Doing this doesn't change your original app name.

I used this technique at the beginning to improve my rank app on Google Play Store faster. People searching for the keyword "WiFi Thief Detector" and "Who uses my WiFi", both can see the app on Google Play Store.

3. Use keywords in your app short description

Similarly, think of a search term that people will search by the feature. Then, make a short description using those keywords. You shouldn't flood the descriptions with keywords only, your sentence should look natural.

4. Use keywords in your app long description

Now, go to the Google Play Store on your PC. Search the app with the keyword term that you want to rank for. Select the top 15 apps from top to bottom.

word counter

Go to and paste your competitor's app long description. Copy all those keywords on the notepad. Repeat this process for all of your competitor's app descriptions. Also, take notice of keyword density, and how frequently they are using the keyword.

After you prepared a list of keywords to use, make a 3-4 paragraphs using those keywords. You can use the multiple times same keywords, but don't exceed them 6 times. Your long description should look natural. Again, don't flood with keywords. While using keywords in sentences, you don't need to worry about minor typos or grammar mistakes.

5. Make your featured screenshots professional


Even if your app doesn't have a good UI, you can use various color combinations on the image background with a screenshot of Mobile.

Again, you need to put a keyword which can be your app name or search term that people search on Google Play Store. This will help you to rank your app better and get more organic downloads.

6. Improve and update your app at the beginning

Improving user experiences and designs makes it easier for people to use your app. Moreover, It will help Google to know that you are putting effort into your app. I found, that doing regular updates at the beginning improved my app appearances on Google Play Store.

7. Never share your app link directly

When people download your apps directly through shared links, it will count as inorganic traffic or inorganic downloads. So when you want to make people download your app, make them search your app on Google Playstore. You can make them search using long-tail keywords or full the app name at the beginning since they are more likely unable to find your apps.

If none of the conditions works, then only you can start sharing direct links to your friends.

Bonus Tip

You can ask your user to give reviews and ratings on Play Store. This will help you to improve your rankings better.

Your app will rank in different positions in different countries over time. The ranking of this app might be different in the United States and the Philippines.

For example,

In the Philippines:

In the United States:


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